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Race, Politics and Public School Closure in the U.S.


Nuamah, S. A. (2017). The paradox of educational attitudes: Racial differences in public opinion on school closure. Journal of Urban Affairs, 1-17.

Nuamah, S.A. (In Press). Who Governs? How Shifts in Political Power Shape Perceptions of Local Government Services. Urban Affairs Review (with Domingo Morel)

Nuamah, S.A. (Forthcoming). A Spoke in the Wheel: Public School Closures and The Continued Violation of Public Trust. In Losing Schools.Eds. Information Age Publishing

Media based on above research: NEPC, SALON.COM, HAVE YOU HEARD, DIANE RAVITCH.COM, ALTERNET.COM, Scholar Strategy Network and more. 

See also:

Nuamah, S.A. 2018. Rahm Emanuel is not running for re-election. The Under Appreciated Reason? School Closures. The Washington Post (Monkey Cage).

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